"WIT is honorably focused on diversifying tech from the classroom to the boardroom which is why capturing the interest and attention of college women is so important.  They need to see other women who are doing what they may not have thought was possible for them.  We have to be out there connecting and engaging to remind them that anything is possible and we are living proof. Dedicated organizations like WIT provide a channel for us to support and share with them."
~Monique Mills, CEO of 
TPM Focus
"It's extremely important to include the voices and talent of women in the creation of new technologies and innovation, particularly technologies involving machine learning. Machines behave as programmed and in order for that programming to reflect and serve everyone, women must be involved in all aspects."
~Monique Mills, CEO of TPM Focus
"As a women in STEM, I love to support organizations who focus on bringing more women into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers.  It's critical to our future."
~Monique Mills, CEO of TPM Focus

"There is nothing better than connecting with others in conversation.  No other form of communication can really convey the passion I have for helping and sharing with others." ~Monique Mills, CEO of TPM Focus
"Monique, I want to take time to "Thank You" for putting together the breakout sessions for WIT's event.  You did an outstanding job making the selection of topics but most importantly, your session was "off the chain!" You did a fantastic job of selecting speakers for the other workshops and I wanted you to know that we are grateful to you for freely imparting your knowledge to others.  It shows you care about others and that is a sign of a great leader.  
~Pat Hurston, WIT
WIT Atlanta is a non-profit organization that serves women and girls at every stage of their STEM career, from middle school through their professional careers.    

With over 2,500 professionals attending programs and events, over 500 students, and over 250 volunteers, WIT has become the largest, most active organization of its kind in the region.

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